Manchester Sensor Cleaning

Dust, the scourge, the persistent pest, the ruination of clear blue skies and snow scenes in the digital age of cameras, you get the picture I’m sure. The build up of dust on a digital cameras (DSLR) sensor is pretty much unavoidable especially if you change your lenses frequently on assignments. DSLR sensors are a magnet for dust so cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis is so important.


I often get asked how often does a cameras sensor need cleaning. The answer to this depends on the frequency of use of your camera and the environments it is used in. For instance, a press photographer working in a multitude of different situations, changing lenses frequently, working outside a lot is going to expose the cameras sensor to dust more frequently than say a studio based photographer who will work with one camera and lens for many assignments and changes lenses infrequently. To test to see if your sensor is in need of a clean, I recommend you check this by taking a picture of a clear background or blue sky using a small aperture (f16) then checking the resulting image on your computers monitor at 100%. This I recommend you do before any important assignment, event or trip away to make certain you have clean images when of the upmost importance. It will also save you oodles of time sitting in front of your computer spotting dust marks from your photographs.


When cleaning your DSLR, it’s not only the cameras sensor that gets a clean, the rest of the camera gets tbe once over too.


It’s not only DSLR’s that I clean the sensors on. Canon and Nikon are very popular with professional photographers and are regular visitors to my work bench, but Leica M series, Fuji, Panasonic, Rico, Sigma and Sony mirrorless, medium format Hasselblad, Phase One are also cleaned of the dreaded spectre of dust. Whilst based in central Manchester, if you are a large studio with many cameras needing cleaning, I can visit you to save you bringing a load of kit all the way into the city centre. Also, if you are a busy studio, you can take the camera once cleaned and start work straight away earning it’s keep in your studio.


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