Manchester Film Scanning

If you are a creative, be it graphic designer, book publisher or photographer etc needing a negative or transparency scanning & you live in or around Manchester, not more than a 5 minute walk from Manchester Oxford Road station is F&M Laptop Repairs & Sensor Clean Manchester. F&M Laptop Repairs is run by Mike Bickley & he fixes & supplies everything computer. Located in the same space is Sensor Clean Manchester which is run by Van Devaney. Here you can get your camera chip cleaned as well as camera repairs undertaken, Photoshop work & tuition courses, but it is not these services which we are concentrating on here.


Using an Imacon Flextight-Precision II scanner, Sensor Clean Manchester can take your precious negative or transparency & digitise it ready for you to open it in whatever creative suite you wish to work on ready for publication. Originally supplied by Hasselblad UK, the Imacon scanner has been merrily working away producing high quality scans for the creative sector. Able to scan formats 35mm, roll film in all it’s formats including 6×17 & 5×4 sheet film scanned from 72 DPI right up to a whopping 5760 DPI in 28 or 48 RGB colour, this machine produces high quality results required for publishing.


In an age of digital capture, iPhones & tablets, you would wonder why anyone would need film scanning. Photographers wanting an old transparency or negative scanned to work on again for a portfolio or client, a photographer or agency needing a batch of negatives for digital archiving are regular clients. Book publishers working on yesteryear books on Manchester, Liverpool, Hull etc needing old negatives scanned for publishing to a negative taken at a wedding years back which has been damaged but has absolutely treasured memories that you can never reshoot for various reasons are all the type of clients to use this service. Just like the vinyl resurgence that is happening, film has started to make a comeback. It will never reach the heights it did before digital became king, but photographers have started shooting on film again to get a different look to the all too obvious digital capture then photo shopped to death look. There are still many films on the market & some old favourites are making a comeback which all have a different look & feel to digital. Something to think about to make your portfolio stand out from the crowd in a market cluttered with iPad portfolios of the same looking digital capture.


F&M Laptop Repairs & Sensor Clean Manchester is but a short walk from Manchester Oxford Road Station & is located at 8a Lower Ormond Street, Manchester, M1 5QF. Tel – 07761 300412 – e-mail – visit the website to make a booking