Sensor Cleaning

Have you ever discovered small dots, lines or blemishes while browsing your digitally captured photographs? Unfortunately for most of us, no matter how carefully we look after our equipment, the answer is yes. Airborne particles and other debris manages to find its way on to our image sensors, and inner workings of our cameras. There are thankfully a number of different ways to combat these annoying intrusions.


1. Ignore them and hope they go away


2. Spend time getting to know the various cloning tools in your favourite image editing software


3. Try out the multitude of different cleaning products/gadgets on the market to remove the offending matter


4. Let Sensor Clean Manchester do the job for you


Here at Sensor Clean Manchester we have the years of experience with which to edit and/or clean the problem for you. We are confident that our services will not only save you time, headaches and money, it will also give you the freedom to enjoy and concentrate on the one thing you set out to do in the first place: photography.


£49 Camera Sensor Clean

£39 Camera Sensor Clean (Concessions) This offer is available to the following parties.
N.H.S. staff
The British Armed Forces
Teaching staff and students
Members of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB), e.g. L&CPU
A qualifying document must be presented on arrival.

£9 Camera Exterior Cleaning

£59* Mobile Sensor Cleaning Service per camera *prices start from

£59* Camera Sensor Clean (Couriered Service)

*prices start from.

Whilst our main aim at Sensor Clean Manchester is to provide a professional and reliable sensor cleaning service; we also offer a number of other potentially useful utilities.


Image/Data Recovery

Loosing information stored on a hard disk or removable media is distressing at best: I speak from experience. At Sensor Clean Manchester we offer a recovery service that, although not infallible, can more often than not, rescue your valuable data. Our technicians are capable of retrieving information from corrupt and physically damaged devices. If you should ever find yourself in this most unfortunate situation let us try and retrieve the seemingly irretrievable.


Film and Flat-copy Scanning

As film use has been in major decline for many years now, some consider the medium defunct, time consuming or ‘old school’. At Sensor Clean Manchester however we still recognise that there is a healthy demand for a quality scanning service. We currently offer a range of scanning solutions to cater for the majority of peoples needs.

1. Film Scanner: 35mm – 6 x17″ negative and transparency film

2. Flatbed Scanner: 35mm – A3 film and flat-copy

3. Bulk scanning solutions are also available on request