Lens Calibration

If you find that from time to time your camera autofocus isn’t quite as accurate as it should be it may be time to have your camera and lenses calibrated. Focus calibration ensures that your camera body and lenses are working accurately together to produce the sharpest possible images.

We offer a same day, competitively priced, camera and lens calibration service at our Manchester premises. Calibration services are available for Nikon, Canon and Sony camera bodies and all major lens brands.

Is your camera compatible? Check the list below to find out.

Are you a mrrorless camera user? Please contact us for further details on available service packages.

Canon: AF MicroAdjustment
1Dx 1Dx Mk2 5D Mk3 5D Mk4 5Ds 5DR 6D 7D 7D MkII
1D Mk3 1D Mk4 1Ds Mk3 5D Mk2 7D 50D 70D (calibration of long or short focal length only – zooms)
Nikon: AF Fine Tune
D4 D4s D5 D3 D3x D3s D300 D300s D500 D600 D610 D700 D750 D800 D800E D810 D7000 D7100 D7200
Sony: AF Micro Adjustment
A900 A850 A6000 SLT-A77 SLT-A77 MkII SLT-99
Olympus: AF Focus Adjust
E-30 E-620 E-5
E-M1 (only with four-thirds lens adapter)
Pentax: AF Fine Adjustment
K20D K2000 K200D K-3 series K-5 K-5 II K-5 IIs K7D 645D 645Z

Camera not listed? Get in touch.

Please call 07761 300412 or visit the Contact Page to request a quotation and book your personal appointment.